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Engine- & Generator Control
Generator Protection, Control, and Monitoring. Equipment for generator sets such as marine gen-sets, emergency gen-sets, gen-sets in container enclosures or power plants.
Synchronizing, frequency control, load sharing, power management, engine control  and more.
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Engine Diagnostics

Optimize your engine performance. Tuning and balancing the engine to a “most efficient” performance requires the right tool.

Benefit from long-time quality measurements of the engine combustion process with a unique handheld high precision indicator of cylinder pressure.

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Process Alarm Solutions
Flexible equipment well suited for monitoring of critical processes in marine, off-shore and land based applications.
Panels used for monitoring of for instance current, temperature or pressure. Indication of alarms. Logging of alarm and events.
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Arc Fault Protection

Explosion risk and costly downtime can be avoided with Littelfuse Selco Arc Fault Protection equipment for surveillance of switchboards, transformers and capacitor load banks etc. The D1000 system is able to detect an arc-fault in less than one millisecond.

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Spare PartsService & Spare Parts
The Littelfuse Selco service concept includes supporting not only equipment from the present range but also older obsolete equipment.
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