SELCO Alarm Logger

The SELCO Alarm logger is an HMI based solution that connects to SELCO alarm panels via RS485 Modbus RTU.  The Alarm Logger collects all alarms from the connected panels and visualize and logs all alarm events.

SELCO Alarm Logger

The SELCO Alarm Logger reads out all alarms (LED indications) from e.g. the SELCO M1000 alarm panels, located in the engine room through RS485 Modbus RTU. The Alarm Logger shows a complete alarm log and a visualisation of alarms, with date and timestamp. The SELCO Alarm Logger supports forwarding of individual or common alarms to e.g. the SELCO M4780 indicator panel, located on the bridge and mess room.



    • Easy to operate
    • Flexible & Scalable
    • Full graphic touch screen
    • Alarm forwarding
    • SD card back-up
    • RS485 MODBUS RTU
    • Certified for marine use
    • IP 54 protection class