SELCO SIGMA Control Module S6100

The S6100 reads generator parameters from the S6000 IO/P module. The S6100 will also measure the busbar voltages across all three phases.

The S6100 SIGMA Control Module

SIGMA is an integrated generator protection and control system. The system is of high quality, is cost effective and easy to use.
The SELCO S6100 SIGMA S/LS Module provides busbar monitoring, frequency stabilization, voltage stabilization, voltage matching, automatic synchronization and active/reactive load sharing. The S6100 has dedicated interfaces for both conventional and electronic governors and automatic voltage regulators (AVRs). Manual control is also possible though external push buttons.



    • 3 Phase Measurement
    • Busbar Monitoring
    • Auto or Manual Operation
    • Voltage Matching
    • Frequency Stabilization
    • Auto Synchronization
    • Active Load sharing
    • Voltage Stabilization
    • Reactive Load sharing
    • Conventional Governor/AVR
    • Electronic Governor/AVR
    • Paralleling with grid/shaft generator
    • RS485 MODBUS Slave
    • CAN Bus
    • Redundant Power Supply


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