SELCO Voltage Relay G3300

The Voltage Relay G3300 is a 3 Phase Overvoltage (Undervoltage) relay. The Voltage Relay covers 63 to 690 VAC and has programmable scales. The relay monitors phase failure & symmetry.

The G3300 Voltage Relay

The SELCO G-Line relays are mainly intended for use in land-based applications. The SELCO G-Line relays provide an efficient solution for applications where flexibility and cost of purchase are the main issues. Despite a low purchase price, SELCO G-Line relays provide high quality, proper measuring techniques and a vast number of programmable options.



    • Low cost and high flexibility
    • Three phase Over or Under Voltage
    • Monitors phase failure & symmetry
    • Covers 63 to 690 VAC
    • Programmable scales
    • Programmable relay functions (NE/ND)
    • Microprocessor based
    • Optional Configuration by PC


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