SELCO Electronic Potentiometer T7900

The Electronic Potentiometer T7900 is typically used as an interface between increase and decrease contacts and a device requiring control / adjustment by a voltage or current signal, such as an electronic speed controller

The T7900 Electronic Potentiometer

The T7900 Electronic Potentiometer is typically used as an interface between a unit that provides increase/decrease contacts signals and electronic speed governors or voltage regulators (AVR) controlled by analogue voltage or current signals.

The T7900 works much like a conventional motorized potentiometer (e.g. the SELCO E7800); however, instead of a variable resistance, the T7900 provides a variable voltage (e.g. -5 to +5 VDC), current (e.g. 4-20 mA) or a pulse width modulated signal (PWM). The voltage and current range is programmable. The PWM output provides a 500 Hz signal with programmable duty cycle. The analogue outputs are galvanically isolated.



    • Programmable increase/decrease ramps
    • VDC, mA or PWM output
    • Variable output range
    • Isolated output
    • Power ref. feature
    • 6 programmable power settings
    • PC programmable
    • Marine certified


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