Return Material


Welcome to the Return Material section.

In this section you find our return material form. If you have a product you need to return to SELCO, then you first need to fill out this form before returning the product.

Fill in the form below with all the needed information. Include all the products you need to return, in the same form.

Please feel free to attach files (photo, log files etc.) that can support your detailed description.



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    Postal code





    Customer ref.

    Invoice number

    Accept repair fee
    Yes, I accept the repair fee
    Employ if guarantee no longer applies

    Help me

    Selco product

    Serial no.

    Detailed description



    When you press “Send” a copy of the RMA is forwarded to the e-mail entered. Please print the RMA copy and send with your return package.

    If our service team receives a package not including a filled out Form, the package will be hold in quarantine for 6 weeks, and then returned to sender.


    Please find link to our work flow regarding returned material.