Return materials – Repair Terms

Product defects

The Buyer is under an obligation to carefully examine and control all deliveries immediately upon such delivery and to notify SELCO immediately of any defects such examination and control may reveal. The notification shall contain a detailed description of the defects and shall be carried out by using the Return Material Form which can be located on (see the Service section).

Any notification of defects must in any event reach SELCO within one (1) month from the time of delivery after which time SELCO’s liability for defects, including its obligation to rectify defects, lapses. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, for all equipment and parts manufactured by SELCO, SELCO shall accept for a period of 12 months calculated from the day of commissioning, however, not more than 15 months after the day of the delivery, to make the following repair work:

When during the above periods any defects are found in the construction, materials, or design with any part manufactured by SELCO, and when the said defect is not due to ordinary wear, bad maintenance, or mishandling, the equipment must be submitted to SELCO free delivered, where after, as soon as possible and within normal working hours, SELCO shall make repair work and provide for substitutions to the extent necessary.

If it is desired that a defect found, comprised by the above, shall be repaired on the spot, the repair work shall be free of charge as regards working time and materials; however, the Buyer will be charged with the costs in connection with transport, travel time, accommodation, subsistence allowances etc. during the stay, and to and from the place. Substitute and repair parts shall be supplied EX WORKS, exclusive of mounting. Concerning parts of other manufacture, which form part of a SELCO supply, repair work shall be made only to the extent that the sub-supplier in question can be held liable.

The repair work comprises only what is described above, and does not entitle the Buyer to any compensation or damages.

SELCO shall not be obliged to cover any expenses paid by the Buyer in connection with the finding of defects of, or repair of, equipment supplied, unless agreement has been made to the contrary.

Repair work

When goods are returned SELCO’s service team is analyzing the product, and on basis of that they draw a conclusion as to the origin of the defect.

SELCO is operating with fixed prices for all test and repair work. Please consult your local SELCO distributor regarding the exact repair price on your product.