It’s all about power

The SELCO company - Control, protection, monitoring and diagnostics SELCO develops, manufactures and sells electronic equipment for control, protection, monitoring and diagnostics in the marine industry. Read more about SELCO  

Maritime industry products

The SELCO range of maritime industry products SELCO provides a broad range of products spanning alarm process monitoring, engine control and generator control solutions, to general electrical protection and monitoring for land based and vessel power systems. The SELCO range of products  

GC2000 Generator Controller

GC2000-boks-forside A powerful generator controller and power management system for marine and offshore applications. Read more about the GC2000 Generator Controller

World-wide support & service

SELCO world-wide customer service and support Our service concept is based on the philosophy to provide excellent customer support. Support and service

The T2000 reverse power relay

The T2000 Reverse Power Relay will protect the generator from being run as an electric motor and protect the prime mover of the generator against physical damage. Reverse Power Relay

The T2500 Short Circuit Relay

The T2500 3-Phase Overcurrent and Short Circuit Relay is intended as a protection relay for generators, power transmissions and consumer’s supply by tripping the main circuit breaker. Short circuit relay

The G3000 Frequency Relay

The SELCO G-G3000 Frequency Relay provides an efficient solution for applications where flexibility and cost of purchase are the main issues. Frequency Relay

The M8100 Synchroscope

The M8100 Synchroscope provides an illuminated indication of the phase and frequency difference between voltages on two AC systems, e.g. a generator and a busbar. Synchroscope