Megaohmmeter E2323 for T3200

SELCO Megaohmmeter E2323 for T3200 Insulation Monitor

The T3200 Insulation Monitoring Relay is intended for continuous insulation monitoring on three-phased insulated networks on board ships.

The T3200 continuously monitors two systems, galvanically separated from each other, e.g. the busbar and the lighting system, or two usbar systems.

The unit features two output relays for alarm purposes and two analog outputs for instrument reading. Instruments are available from SELCO as standard sized switchboard instruments.

The E2323 Megaohmmeter for T3200 Insulation Monitor

The SELCO Megaohmmeter E2323 are designed for connection with the Insulation Monitor T3200 for instrument readings.
Flush mounted units with standard measurements of 96 x 96 or 144 x 144.4.



    • For connection to the insulation monitor T3200 for instrument readings
    • Flush mounted unit


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