Fiber-Optic Sensor – PGA LS20

360° light sensor for complex installations with many shadows or to run along bus bars. Sensor health and trip indication. (A2000).

The PGA LS20 Fiber-Optic Sensor

The arc detecting fiber sensor PGA-LS20 (8 m (26.2 ft) active; 10 m (32.8 ft) total) is built to detect arcs along its entire length. It is meant to be installed with the fiber along the back wall of switchboards, covering all compartments with just one sensor. The sensor must be installed in such a way that it has a line-of-sight to all powered connections, where an arc could develop. The sensor is able to detect light from all angles around it. The detection radius is dependent on the arc power. At a trip level setting on the PGR-8800 of “1”, the PGA-LS20 will react to all arcs of more than 3 kA within a 1 meter radius, dependent on the width of the compartments and thus of the length of fiber which is exposed to the light from an arc.