Alarm Indicator M4500

SELCO Alarm Indicator M4500

The Alarm Indicator panel M4500 is intended for status indication of any process providing on/off outputs. The panel contain 6, 8 or 20 channels, respectively.

The M4500 Alarm Indicator Panel

The SELCO M4500, M4600 and M4700 provide flush mounted LED based indication with 6, 8 or 20 channels. Each channel can be used to indicate the state of one potential free contact.

The SELCO indicator units are available with either negative or positive reference. An insert paper label provides the opportunity to print a description or instruction right next to the related channel LED. The SELCO indicator units are available for both DC of AC supply. Input signals can be +24 VDC, +48 VDC or +110 VDC.

A TEST push button located on the front will, while activated, ignite all LEDs to confirm proper operation. An auxiliary push button is provided for application dependant use. The auxiliary push button is directly connected to the plug-in terminals on the rear side of the unit.



    • 6, 8 or 20 channels
    • Plug-in LEDs
    • DC or AC supply
    • Optional relays
    • Optional RS485/MODBUS


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