SIGMA Protection Module S6000

SELCO SIGMA Protection Module S6000

The S6000 IO/P Module provides data acquisition and complete protection for a single generator. The S6000 is designed to comply with marine requirements. The design of the circuitry and metal casing provides the best possible protection from EMC and environmental stress.

The S6000 SIGMA Protection Module

SIGMA is an integrated generator protection and control system. The system is of high quality, is cost effective and easy to use.

The S6000 measures the voltages across all three phases as well as the current running through each phase. The voltage and current signals are digitally sampled by the built-in signal processor and converted to true RMS values. The S6000 will continuously do real-time calculations of voltage, current, frequency, active/reactive power, VA, power factor etc. The S6000 can connect to generators with or without neutral.



    • 3 Phase Measurement
    • Short Circuit Protection
    • Over Current Protection
    • Over Load Protection
    • Reverse Power Protection
    • Excitation Loss Protection
    • Load Shedding (2 Levels)
    • 3 Analogue Outputs
    • RS485 MODBUS Slave
    • CAN BusRedundant Supply


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